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Ok so I heard about this movie and I just thought ‘oh dear’. It sounded like something cringe-worthy Will Ferrell might star in. But then I heard hristopher Mintz-Plasse was starring in it (McLovin from Superbad) and that confirmed my convinction not to see this movie.

But then I heard that Jonathan Ross’ wife had helped to write it…. interesting…
Then I heard the director Matthew Vaughn was British and saw how genuinely enthusiastic he was about the movie.
I also heard that the movie was really violent and that it “wouldn’t encourage anyone to become a superhero” and so now I’m intrigued.

The trailer suggests lame superhero spoof that’s sure to make you wish you’d spent the entrance fee on something less boring instead.
But now I’m expecting something a little Kill Bill, something a little Wanted, with a bit of Shoot ’em Up thrown in for good measure.  That’s quite a trio to live up…. let’s see what it has to offer….