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Oh, fine I’ll come clean right from the start…. I REALLY LIKED this movie.

While I have been a fair-weather fan of the (male) star, I went with my friend who’s been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal’s “work” for many years. I have to say that she now has competition. Yes – he looked buff in this film and not unattractive, but what I liked was what he brought to the role (aside from the fab abs!). The film itself is typical Hollywood fare, a bit of drama, a bit of romance, and plenty of action and stunts to hold it all together – think Indiana Jones meets The Mummy. Gyllenhaal brings the muscle and macho, while Gemma Arterton brings the beauty and the feisty but it’s the relationship between the two that elevates this movie above the ok benchmark.

Arterton is playing a spirited damsel in distress which we’ve seen before, but unlike in Clash of the Titans where she was forgettable, in this she was accessible.  And by all accounts Gyllenhaal is quite a sensitive soul and intelligent too – and this comes out despite the fact that he’s playing a stereotypical hero.  There’s something in his smile, something in his eyes that makes you think “I like this guy, and I actually care if he succeeds” even though you know he will.

Oh and aside from the critcally acclaimed Ben Kingsley there’s also some other British acting talent that you may recognise if you’ve enjoyed in RocknRolla and/or TV series Coupling.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s a great movie, I’m not even saying it’s an excellent example of its genre. But it is a downright enjoyable film that I would happily go and see again (this Wednesday with a different friend) – always a pleasure never a chore…


Right well I’ll start by saying I am not a huge comic book fan, and while I may have seen most of the comic based movies of late… Batman, Superman, Wanted etc I am by no means an officiando.

Kick Ass is the movie that everyone seems to be taking about. By now you’ve probably a lot of reviews that say how fantastic it is… you may even have read the Daily Mail review which gave a typically “Daily Mail” response and a fantastic 1 out of 10 but here’s what I thought.

You have have read my previous post where I am sceptical about Kick Ass from what I’d heard but thought it showed promise… I came out of that movie and wanted to turn round and see it again. It just got me. I didn’t get all the cute references to other movies except that Nick Cage was doing a TV Batman impression. But what it did have was heart.  It had plenty of shooting and kick assing in a Kill Bill/ Wanted style which I loved. It had enough funny to put an actual smile on my face rather than a bemused smirk which is what I often find myself sporty at “comedies”. But the reason I really enjoyed Kick Ass was the added dimension of heart. I usually find I watch these blockbusters with all their edgy action and I’m detached. I eat my popcorn, watch the screen and emerse myself in the spectacle. But with Kick Ass I found myself wincing and reacting – shouting at Kick Ass (in my head), especially at the end – I was reduced to an excited 8 year old calling for the hero to “get the F*** up”. I think that may have something to do with the British influence this film has – I think it was created, written and directed by Brits… which helps to take off some of the glossiness and “keep it real”.

Honestly – there are parts of Kick Ass that made me feel rather uncomfortable to be watching as entertainment but overall the most satifying cinema experience I’ve had in a very long time.

Ok so I heard about this movie and I just thought ‘oh dear’. It sounded like something cringe-worthy Will Ferrell might star in. But then I heard hristopher Mintz-Plasse was starring in it (McLovin from Superbad) and that confirmed my convinction not to see this movie.

But then I heard that Jonathan Ross’ wife had helped to write it…. interesting…
Then I heard the director Matthew Vaughn was British and saw how genuinely enthusiastic he was about the movie.
I also heard that the movie was really violent and that it “wouldn’t encourage anyone to become a superhero” and so now I’m intrigued.

The trailer suggests lame superhero spoof that’s sure to make you wish you’d spent the entrance fee on something less boring instead.
But now I’m expecting something a little Kill Bill, something a little Wanted, with a bit of Shoot ’em Up thrown in for good measure.  That’s quite a trio to live up…. let’s see what it has to offer….

Ok as a quick introduction I should say that I love going to the movies but I’m not a film buff with loads of knowledge about who directed what, when, and what it all meant. I should also say that I am not a great rugby fan – but I know a man who is – so here goes….

Invictus is a film about the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the fortunes of the South African team. The story is basically how Nelson Mandela “helped” the team and vice versa.

Now despite not being a rugby fan this film actually seemed to go pretty quickly for me.  It was engaging enough and I learned something. You could tell Clint Eastwood (the director) was hoping to rouse some emotion from the depth of a probably indifferent audience – but for some reason it missed my heart strings and sort of grazed my arm – which got a little goose pimply at the theme tune over the finale.

Now I’ve heard that the rugby scenes are pretty good, and there were Oscar nominations for Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman so critically it’s faired quite well. However I didn’t think the performances were outstanding, the rugby scenes looked fine to me – but ultimately it just ok, and a bit forgettable. But if you’re a girlfriend, or a wife who gets “encouraged” to go…. do not be afraid, you shouldn’t fall asleep and you might actually come away with something to talk about other than how buff Matt Damon looks (oh and he does fleeting look buff).

Hope that helps!