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So it’s August Bank Holiday weekend and as usual we had nothing planned. What could we do that will entertain my daughter, not cost a fortune and make the most of the lack or rain (knowing that it’s on the way) – that isn’t the local park…

Head into town for the Manchester Day Parade, or is it the Pride Parade – I don’t know but whatever you decide to call it, you include the word entertaining!

The trip into town in the car past Spinningfields and towards the top of Deansgate was very straightford. It seems the Council/Police decided to close the roads at the last minute which is to be commended.  Arrived at 12.30pm to take my place on the pavement not far from the Hilton, and at 1pm on the dot (according to my phone) the parade came round the corner from Liverpool Road onto Deangate – let the fun commence!

45 minutes of bright colours, thumping base, quirky characters, free flags,whistles and sweets and it was all over. My 3-year-old summed it up with a short and sweet “that was great wasn’t it mummy”… I have to agree.Thanks to everyone involved!

And the rain didn’t start until we were back in the car stuck in a little bit of Manchester United traffic… Bonus 🙂