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Yesterday hubby and I found ourselves hungry in Liverpool city centre at about 2.30pm. We agreed that we were hungry but then where to get something to eat? The conversation went something like this:
Me: So what do you fancy then- sandwich? Sausage roll?
Hubby: I fancy McDonalds
Me: Well I haven’t eaten there for 2 years and I’m not going to start now. How about
Burger King?
Hubby: hmmm ok but the last few times we went there it’s been disappointing.
Me: Well I’m not that bothered. If we could find a KFC we could go there… But you don’t really like KFC…
Hubby: I dislike it less than you dislike McDonalds.
Me: ok well how about we look for somewhere local and independent?
Hubby (dragging his feet): If we must…

This is only about the third time we’ve been to Liverpool city centre in the past 3 years so we don’t know the area very well. So at the next available side street I took a left and hubby came tumbling after…

Ended up at a place called Clarks… which looked like a butchers but sold sandwiches on ‘bin lids’, baps and baguettes of various hot and cold varieties. It was like an oasis in the desert (even though Subway was just round the corner). And it was there dear reader that we spend nearly £10 on 2 sandwiches (turkey breast with bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce and a hawaian on brown) two drinks and a pastry.

Hubby said: is this where you convince me to have something that’s less tasty than yours… Let me have a bite.
So I said: Me?! You chose it! Fine here you go…but it’s got pineapple in (he doesn’t do fruit)
After taking a recklessly large bite of my sandwich he says, contented: No mine’s better.
Hubby and I agreed again – the balance was restored…