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I’m not sure when I first became aware of Wicked… maybe it was Defying Gravity being covered on Glee, maybe it was an interview heard from the lead about how long it took to “get green”, or it could even have been a review from a friend. I don’t know but what I do know is that I’d been waiting to see it since January, and the anticipation has been building since then.

I tried to arrange a trip to London to see it with my friend, but as the costs stacked, train, hotel, ticket price etc my friend’s enthusiasm waned until it became no more than a “did I say I would go to that?”. I then turned to my partner to rescue my dream and whisk me off to see it, but from his rather lacklustre “yeah we could do that” suggesting it would be  next century rather than next month I didn’t hold out much hope. So when I had to travel to London for work on my own with an overnight stay the spark was rekindled and a plan hatched.

I raced off the train at Euston at 7.25pm running on excitement navigated to Victoria, stepped out of the station to be greeted by the HUGE Wicked sign, took a quick gasp and ran in front of a taxi to get to the entrance (who put that road there?!), only to be told that they wouldn’t be able to sell me a ticket because the show started 20 minutes ago. Excitement drained, joy lost I went back to the station and made my way to my hotel and watched Grand Designs instead.

However I went back the next day, got a ticket and was sat in my seat ready for the show from 7.10 (show starts at 7.30pm). Lost in a Hugh Laurie article I hardly noticed when the lights went down… But before long the music started and at last I was watching WICKED!!

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’d watched a musical on stage but I was thinking that it’s usually more well engaging. Don’t get me wrong, I was enjoying it, there was comedy and emotion and I was happily along for the ride but I just wasn’t feeling it. Then just as I was feeling the pinch of disappointment defying gravity entered the story and that was it. I went from ‘weeeeeeelllllllll’ to ‘Wow’ and by the time the interval arrived I was thinking ‘bloody hell’ that was fantastic. Defying gravity was the song that I was aware of, but it was just a song like any other, but then in the show it soared and took me along for the ride, by the end I was sat hands clasped in prayer position and neck stretched straining to keep my head from floating off into the rafters with the music.

To be honest, nothing else lived up to that moment – if it did I don’t think I could have contained myself! But I definitely relaxed into the performance bit more and got more out of it because of that moment. Really glad that I finally got round to seeing it. Although on the downside there really should have been an encore… guess I’m gonna have to make do with the memories and an Original Cast Recording (which I purchased using my phone before I was out of the theatre!).