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Right well I’ll start by saying I am not a huge comic book fan, and while I may have seen most of the comic based movies of late… Batman, Superman, Wanted etc I am by no means an officiando.

Kick Ass is the movie that everyone seems to be taking about. By now you’ve probably a lot of reviews that say how fantastic it is… you may even have read the Daily Mail review which gave a typically “Daily Mail” response and a fantastic 1 out of 10 but here’s what I thought.

You have have read my previous post where I am sceptical about Kick Ass from what I’d heard but thought it showed promise… I came out of that movie and wanted to turn round and see it again. It just got me. I didn’t get all the cute references to other movies except that Nick Cage was doing a TV Batman impression. But what it did have was heart.  It had plenty of shooting and kick assing in a Kill Bill/ Wanted style which I loved. It had enough funny to put an actual smile on my face rather than a bemused smirk which is what I often find myself sporty at “comedies”. But the reason I really enjoyed Kick Ass was the added dimension of heart. I usually find I watch these blockbusters with all their edgy action and I’m detached. I eat my popcorn, watch the screen and emerse myself in the spectacle. But with Kick Ass I found myself wincing and reacting – shouting at Kick Ass (in my head), especially at the end – I was reduced to an excited 8 year old calling for the hero to “get the F*** up”. I think that may have something to do with the British influence this film has – I think it was created, written and directed by Brits… which helps to take off some of the glossiness and “keep it real”.

Honestly – there are parts of Kick Ass that made me feel rather uncomfortable to be watching as entertainment but overall the most satifying cinema experience I’ve had in a very long time.